Providing Energy Psychology coaching and  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, "tapping") sessions for individuals and groups.

It is always a pleasure and an honor to help others find their "Thrive". Emotional freedom technique is an amazingly simple and effective, low to no stress or trauma technique to help you do just that; whether it is healing form a wound, gaining clarity into a perplexing stuck point and finding the path forward from that, or simply improving something you want to be better at. I am delighted to be able to be you trail guide and to share those tools for you to use yourself as well.

I have helped individuals work through emotional and trauma issues,  including anxiety, phobias, and PTSD. I have also helped people reduce or eliminate chronic pain resulting form prior injuries, headaches, tension, etc.; and love to help people who are just "stuck" in a process...the "why can't I just..." syndrome. Whether you are looking for clarity, trying to remove internal blocks to success and personal or professional growth, get past relationship ruts or grievances, it is very likely that I can help you on that journey. I have worked with kids and love showing them how effective tapping is and giving them a tool they can easily use themselves when they are stressed, anxious, angry or sad-- helping kids find their balance, sense of self, self worth and self confidence, allowing them to more comfortably and confidently navigate this increasingly complex world on their own as well.

Group sessions can be arranged as well and offer a more low cost way for you and a group of associates or friends to address a more general topic or concern, allowing the participants to "borrow benefits" from each other as we tap along together on a chosen topic or two as time allows (subject can be determined in advance if preferred as well).  While group work can not address each individuals particular need, the others in the group will gain benefit as well.

Introduction sessions for individuals or a group session can be arranged, free of charge, simply inquire and we an discuss the details.  Emotional Freedom Technique can help you attain the personal growth and healing you have been seeking. I am excited and honored to work with you, and look forward to hearing from you.

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Mori Montagne, MN, NP; certified EFT practitioner

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