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The following links and resources are provided for your exploration and support. I do not personally endorse any particular strategy or website; but rather wish to offer resources for you to explore on your own if interested.

EFT and Energy Psychology Research: 

Energy Psychology: A review of the Preliminary Evidence: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.go... 

"Summary of Published Research on Children/Youth":  https://tapping-foundation.s3....

"The Science Behind It All":  http://tapping-foundation.s3.a...

"Clinical EFT as an Evidence-Based Practice for the Treatment of Psychological and Physiological Conditions":  http://tapping-foundation.s3.a... 

 Self-administered EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in Individuals With Fibromyalgia: A Randomized Trial:

"Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Improves Multiple Physiologic Markers of Health":  (The auto link to this research article is not working at the moment; please enter the title in your search engine if interested. I am working on fixing the link)

"Comparison of the Effectiveness of Two Modalities of Group Delivery of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Intervention for Food Cravings: Online versus In-Person":

"A Randomized Controlled Comparison of Emotional Freedom Technique and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to reduce Adolescent Anxiety: A Pilot Study:  (The auto link to this research article is not working at the moment; please enter the title in your search engine if interested. I am working on fixing the link)

Many others exist, and I will continue to add them as I have the time. These will give you a good idea of EFT's effectiveness, based on clinical research.

Links & Resources

Mountain Forest Wellness, LLC is committed to your wellbeing in as complete as way as possible. I have tried to provide various information links and networking resources for you to continue your journey with below. There are of course many other wonderful opportunities and information available, and I hope you explore the woods a bit on your own as well, except for those times when you feel a bit lost, or sense that a guide might be beneficial. Reach out if that is the case, or if you are just curious and want to explore. The contact resources I have provided are talented and trusted professionals that I have become professionally acquainted with and are offered to further assist you along your journey. Many are available for distance work through phone or audio-visual conferencing, as well. for a most excellent resource for personal growth and expansion

Profound Shifts - How To Live Pain Free ( for Lisa Francolini for The Emotion Code and Body Code Methods of healing

https://www.springforestqigong... for Spring Forest Qigong with Master Lin for Synergy Wellness and Body Talk with Sid Snyder home -- Nadine is an RN, celiac, a gluten intolerance/celiac disease educator and celiac herself. Both the site itself and Nadine are excellent resources for people with gluten allergy or intolerance

https://thetransformativeleade... for The Transformative Leader , LLC an excellent resource for healing movement through NIA;  or for executive coaching, leadership training or employee assessments with Cheri Fredrickson

Forest Bathing: What It Is and How To Do It | REI Co-op Journal  ...may you enjoy this article

The following links are not specific to this sight solely and are listed to provide you with additional online information, support, and resources across a wide range of potential concerns or needs--they are not specifically recommended by Mountain Forest Wellness, LLC, but are made available for you to explore as your needs and references dictate.

Natural Remedies for Anxiety
Overcoming Anxiety
What is Anxiety?

5 Tips for Better Work/Life Balance
Creating Life Balance To Achieve Success
How to Create Balance
Is Your Life in Balance – Take the Quiz!
Life is a Balancing Act – The Book
MindTools – The Wheel of Life
Spiritual Balance
Communication Skills:
10 Keys to Becoming…
Master Communication Skills & Confidence
Mind Tools – Improving Communication
Conflict Resolution:
Conflict Resolution Information Source
Conflict Resolution Strategies
Conflict Management Strategies and Styles
Helpguide – Conflict Resolution Skills
Mindtools – Conflict Resolution

How to Grow as a Couple
How to Improve Your Relationship
Improving Relationships
Seven Steps to Improving Relationships
10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking
10 Steps for Boosting Your Creativity
Using Your Creativity to Find Satisfaction
SUCCESS Magazine

Dealing with Depression
Medline Plus – News/Information
National Institute of Mental Health - Depression
What is Depression?
“Getting Unstuck”:
Anthony Robbins – Letting Go
Harvard Business School – Feeling Stuck?
How To Get Unstuck
Taming Your Turbulent Past
How To Get Unstuck from Depression
What should You do When You’re Stuck
Health and Wellbeing:

Gizmag – Articles on Health and Wellbeing
Healthy Happy Prosperous Mind Body & Soul
iVillage – Health and Wellness
The Center for Health and Wellbeing
Fear of Intimacy
Handling Intimacy
How to Build Intimacy In Your Relationship
Sex and the Search for Intimacy – Fear of Intimacy
The Impact of Fear of Intimacy
Wikipedia – Intimate Relationship
Loss and Grief:
BBC – The Cycle of Grief
Coping with Grief and Loss
How to Move on
The Psychology of Death
How Self-Motivated Are You?
How to Motivate Yourself
Motivation Blogs
Motivation 123
Self Motivation - How Can You Improve Yours?

Shame and Guilt:
The Difference Between Shame and Guilt
Guilt and Shame
Letting Go of Shame and Guilt
Workplace Resolution:
8 Strategies to Manage Workplace Conflict
Articles on Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution Skills
Conflict Resolution Activities

Nutrition, food intolerance and allergy information and support: The listings provided are for your information and support and are known to be from educated and authentic sources. They are not meant to diagnose or advise, but to help provide information, support, and resources, and are made available for you to explore as your needs dictate. home -- Nadine is an RN, a gluten intolerance/celiac disease educator and celiac herself. Both the site itself and Nadine.