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Mori Montagne, BSN, MN, EFT practitioner

Welcome and thank you for visiting! I am Mori Montagne, as with all of us, I have my personal story that led me to this work that I so thoroughly enjoy and value. I am happy to share that with you if you are interested. Professionally I have a Master's degree in Nursing and am a Nurse practitioner, still practicing standard medicine as a women's health care provider. The work I do through this platform is outside of that licensure and reflects my passion and 30+ years learning, growing and practicing alternative medicine in the fields of energy healing, and life-style and nutrition as medicine, as well as my passion for personal learning and growth and for teaching and assisting others in their personal growth as well. 

I am an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, tapping with people to help them in various ways since 2006. I obtained additional certification in 2022 as an Energy Psychology Coach, continuing to use EFT primarily as I find it an incredibly effective and gentle way to help individuals heal. I am also a Life Mastery Coach and am excited to help people discover their true potential and experience growth and increased abundance in their lives. I find great satisfaction and joy in helping others find their own personal path to their greatest possible place of wellbeing, health, joy, and personal success; and am deeply honored to be invited in to be a part of that journey with them, always. I have a Master's degree in Nursing and am a licensed and practicing CNM, women's health nurse practitioner. In practice from 1996 to present, having practiced as a registered nurse with my BSN since 1992.  My passion for and innate understanding of the role of nutrition, lifestyle habits, and connection to that "something greater" have been with me for as far back as I can remember. I was and have continued to be passionately interested in continued learning, understanding and implementation of those insights and the knowledge gained; and just as passionately driven to share the information and healing benefits with others who seek it. 

Coaching and helping people navigate life's landscape is an integral part of those professions; and I use EFT to help clients through stresses and fears, and to heal from past traumas and  injuries when requested as well. Teaching is an integral part of what I do in the clinic, and I have taught various courses at the college level over my career as well. Those experiences have added to my ability to reach and work with people effectively, and with respect and compassion honoring each individual as they are while seeing their greater potential as well. I feel deeply privileged and humbled to be allowed to honor you, your unique journey and current experience; establishing and holding a healing space for you, and helping you find your unique and individual path on this journey we call life is what is most important to me. "Your story matters", is my favorite art plaque in one of my patient rooms at the medical clinic I practice in. I would love to hear your story and see what I can do to to help you make it even better! Helping people to heal that which most needs healed, and be their own personal best as a whole being, in the way that feels best to them, is my deepest passion.

Personally, I am a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother (and rather gratefully, joyously, passionate about these things as well); part of delightful, individualistic, and generally unconditionally loving family, whom I am very close to and enjoy spending time with. They are a source of joy and activity...and sometimes quizzical entertainment, providing occasions for me to tap for myself from time to time, as all families and relationships do! There have been deep and heart wrenching challenges along the way from time to time, and growth and an eventual increasing depth of understanding through those facets of my personal journey. I am familiar with more difficult journeys of others, some close and some through my patients over the years, and have grown in understanding and compassion through those as well. I share my home with my cats, and currently a son and 2 grandsons. I miss my dear wolf-hound cross "Kismet", who died about a month before turning 17 a few years ago. My Zen spaces are the forest, clear mountain streams, glassy high lakes, and pristine ocean beaches; it is the deep forest spaces and ocean beaches, as undisturbed as possible, that are where I go to find and heal my soul when it needs that. At home I find a those Zen places in my kitchen and garden, or when I am writing, reading, researching, meditating, and exploring science and spirituality (simultaneously)...and when I am coaching a client. I have a seemingly inborn passion for personal and interpersonal growth, for introspection, for understanding nutritional and lifestyle impacts on health and wellbeing, as well as energy and alternative healing practices, spirituality (in the broad sense of that term), our interconnectedness with each other and our greater world, and how our interface with nature and the natural world impacts our wellbeing; as well a in inner drive to share what I can with those who wish to grow, understand and heal or simply expand themselves. Each year that I live and learn more, I become more aware of how little we all actually know and am so humbled and amazed by this! 

Nutritional research and food as medicine, wild medicines, and "energy healing" have been passions of mine for as long as I can recall, even as a youngster. I love this Planet we live on dearly, as well as her inhabitants, and do my best to be a conscious "earth keeper", I am not perfect.  

I came to energy healing specifically from some inner sense of a vague knowing, fueled by personal and family health needs that Western medicine could not explain or help with, other than to assign names describing sets of symptoms and repeatedly throw ineffective medications at, or simply shrug on occasion and try sending us on to someone in another specialty who was no better equipped to effectively help. I know first hand the frustration  of autoimmune disease, and food intolerances, still not well understood by standard medical practices here in the U.S.. My personal medical crisis began in 1992 approximately and took many years, missed and incorrect diagnosis and many providers telling me it was in my head (which actually began when I was a teenager)..and the self doubt and hopelessness, sometimes emotional trauma that can come with this, not just through my own journey but also those of family members, friends and patients that come to me relieved that they have found someone who will actually listen and hear what hey are experiencing, then offer them options for a different way to begin to find health and increased comfort and function again, while honoring and supporting the medical things they are doing as well. My professional journey came began simultaneously with my personal journey in 1995, when a few members of my family were struggling with mysterious and serious health difficulties. Someone eventually mentioned we should see an alternative healer. We did and a whole world of understanding and healing opened up...eventually leading me to where I am now. The passion for coaching comes from a love of teaching that has been with me since I was in kindergarten and has only grown through the years, being refined as I taught patients and college students along the way. I had coached patients through their journey's with health and wellbeing for almost years; and then fell head long into coaching professionally following my own inner road block and exploration of that, personally seeking the assistance of a professional coach. Such an amazing and insightful, growth filled journey that has given me so many gifts to increase the personal abundance of my own life in so many ways. I have since become officially trained in the same coaching method that I went through, and am so deeply honored and excited to be able to share that with others and watch them grow and expand in joy, inner peace and abundance as well . 

Such is the surface of the river that houses this soul--or the shell of the acorn, if you will....

We are all at our 'own spot' on these individual journeys we are on. I honor you where you are at, just as you are. I am not here to change you, but to help you find the self that you are searching for, to connect you to your own inner guide and help you get the other stuff out of the way. I look forward to hearing your story, to introducing ourselves, and to being able to be a part of your positive healing, and growth if you choose to invite me to do so. Please feel free to contact me to schedule a free 15 consultation meeting by phone or Zoom now.