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What is Emotional Freedom Technique, and can it really help me?   

Emotional Freedom Technique, also referred to simply as "EFT", or "tapping" is an easy to use and very effective healing technique, that has the ability to heal psychological, physical and emotional traumas. It has been and continues to be researched with multiple published studies showing its effectiveness. It can help you grow to your highest potential.

EFT has been shown to be effective for a great number of concerns including anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias, and pain including chronic headaches and chronic post-injury pain; as well as various other conditions of the emotional, psychological and physical bodies. It can be a remarkable self-applied first aid too for emotional or even minor physical "emergencies"; and can help you find your way to new and more effective coping methods and communication or action strategies for issues such as relationship troubles, and creative personal and professional blocks.  (Please, always seek medical evaluation for serious conditions, injuries, or when concerned prior to pursuing EFT or other energy healing techniques, and also if your symptoms are serious or persistent with treatment.) 

EFT coaching can be a tremendous asset to facilitating personal growth in many aspects of life for those without physical or emotional concerns, and clients often find themselves with a fresh and more positive perspective on a difficult problem, or renewed motivation and clarity of direction and path toward a stalled goal.  It can even help your professional and personal performance and help you access and remove blocks standing in your way to optimal health, wealth and happiness. Emotional Freedom Technique was originally developed by Gary Craig and has been studied and used in many forms since. It is backed by journal published research, and based on the understanding that negative energy impacts, emotional traumas, can be deep seated in our energetic system and prevent us from healing fully and can also negatively affect our physical body. I have used it myself for many of these things as well as treated family members, friends and sometimes co-workers with amazing successes the majority of the time. I have practiced EFT professionally as well, beginning in 2006.

Emotional Freedom Technique has many clinical trials showing its effectiveness for a wide variety of conditions including emotional, psychological and physical. EFT can very quickly and often gently reduce the emotional impact of memories and events that may be triggering persistent unhealthy thought patterns, emotional distress, feeding chronic pain or illness, and keeping us "stuck" and unable to move forward or expand into our full potential. Often we are unaware of why we are anchored in a loop, unable to heal or move forward and EFT can help us move through and past all that with very little trauma.

 The benefits you obtain from EFT coaching can vary from a significant shift in a single session; to needing additional  sessions to get to the key factor(s) standing in they way of healing and achieving the wellness desired. Almost always there is meaningful change and progress a person notices along the way. 

Some of the less physical benefits available from therapy may include:

  • Attaining a better understanding of yourself, your goals and values
  • Attaining previously unrecognized insights for improving your relationship(s)
  • Finding resolution to the issues or concerns that led you to seek EFT coaching, sometimes issues you have been              working on with a counselor/therapist for a prolonged time improve significantly during these sessions (sometimes not)
  • Have a new tool to use to cope with trauma, stress, anxiety, and pain (physical as well as emotional)
  • Managing anger, grief, depression, and other emotional pressures more gracefully, comfortably and effectively, or removing current charges causing current difficulties with these things
  • Improving communications with others and improved relationships because of this
  • Causing changes to old behavior patterns and allowing you to develop new and more beneficial ones--seeing old paradigms in a new and more constructive light..."reframing"
  • Discovering new ways to solve problems in your family or marriage
  • Improving your self-esteem and boosting self-confidence
  • Overcoming cravings, and self-destructive habits
  • Finding renewed motivation and direction, or even clarity regarding a desired goal

For those worried about triggering past traumatic memories and responses, EFT can be used in a manner that helps to avoid reactivating emotional trauma and does not require recalled details to be able to perform or be effective much of the time. Techniques known as "Tearless Trauma" and "Silent Movie" techniques are very effective and can move a person through difficult places and memories with minimal discomfort. 

EFT It can also include aspects of Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy when needed, combining those with Acupressure by using your fingertips to tap gently on various acupressure points...hence the nickname, "tapping."  

There are over 100 papers published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals demonstrating that EFT is effective for problems such as anxiety, PTSD, depression, phobias, and physical conditions such as chronic or even acute pain, immune system health, personal growth and more--one of these is: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/p...

A number of benefits are available through EFT coaching, and almost everyone can benefit from learning this technique and having a coach guide them through various aspects of it. Most of us have "stuck points" of one sort or another that we come up against over time. Standard Western health care and counseling are fabulous tools and very beneficial much of the time. However, more and more in our increasingly complicated world, they just do not always offer the healing or answers we are seeking. I am a provider of Western medical care myself, and find that I am  increasingly relying on additional tools and modalities to help guide my patients to healing in a meaningful and lasting way. Why does EFT work? When we successfully free ourselves of the emotional connection to a problem, on a subconscious level as well, healing on the conscious and physical level can occur. The recent wave of Quantum field research and alternative healing therapies has demonstrated the validity of this connection and concept over and over again. Stress itself as a foundational cause of illness and disease has been researched and acknowledged for many decades. Emotional Freedom Technique is an excellent tool to add to your stress reduction and management kit.

As an EFT practitioner and coach, I am here to help guide you, to help you remove and heal stuck energies that may be holding you back; and help you heal and move into a greater state of health and wellbeing--achieving, enjoying and celebrating your true potential. We can't literally change the past, but through Emotional Freedom Technique we can dislodge long-standing and often hidden beliefs, patterns and negative, limiting perceptions and "scripts" that may be holding you back from experiencing the most joyful, comfortable and fulfilling life possible for you. We can reframe those scripts to work for you rather than against you, help you heal past traumas, and release blocks to insights and progress, so that they no longer keep you from healing and moving toward your desired destination.

What should I expect for the first and ongoing sessions?

Because each person has different issues and goals for therapy, therapy  sessions and number of sessions will be different depending on the individual. There is no set number recommended--just the right number for you to achieve what you are seeking and it is always for you to determine personally. I can make recommendations but the ultimate choice is yours. I will certainly let you know if I feel a different modality or provider will benefit you more once we meet. I like to have a phone conversation ahead of our first meeting to make sure that your questions are answered and that I feel I can be of benefit.  

In general, you can expect to discuss the current events happening in your life that feel important to you, and your personal history relevant to your current issue. Sometimes I have directional questions that may help guide me in our sessions. If we have follow-up sessions I ask you to report progress in symptoms, insights gained, etc following the previous therapy session. Depending on your specific needs, therapy can be short-term, for a specific issue, or can be more sequential when striving to heal or change more established or difficult physical situations or emotional and behavioral patterns and struggles. When working on personal and professional development it can be the same a quick 1 to 3 sessions or a more long term and supportive relationship that sometimes feels not unlike a mastermind session--only I am simply helping you unlock your personal connection to the ultimate Master Mind that lies already tucked securely within you. 

Whether you are looking to heal, or for support and guidance through a challenging situation, or are just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals. If you are familiar with forests, you know there are glorious peaks, deep and sometimes unexpected ravines and cliffs, tall majestic trees and areas of scrub; beautiful open and sunny meadows, and dark overgrown regions that one can get lost in. I can help you clear some of the interfering underbrush and see the path around the ravines and cliffs so that you can reach your destination with less difficulty and with more comfort, certainty and joy to continue the next part of your life's journey with. 

To recap: Emotional freedom technique can help you heal beyond your current state and into your greatest potential, almost always beyond your current believed limits. I have used it to help people resolve limitations and dis-ease stemming from stress, PTSD, anxiety, phobias, addiction, chronic pain, migraines, self doubt and limiting beliefs. I have witnessed Emotional Freedom technique (also known as "tapping") release people into greater states of wellness than they often thought were possible--allowing them to achieve a place of comfort, peace, clarity, balance and general health (both emotional and physical) they may have thought they could find. Once old or dysfunctional patterns are resolved, truly resolved on the subconscious level,  you will find that you are much more free and able to move forward into your life goals and purpose, simply with life in general, with more energy, joy and clarity. Interestingly, even if intending to address only your psychological and emotional blocks and patterns with Emotional Freedom Technique, your sense and state of physical health often will improve as well; though we can certainly work directly on your physical discomforts and concerns as well. You can use it on your own, which is so wonderful! It is like having an emotional, mental and physical multi-tool built right into you...nothing to pack but your willingness to use it and a little know how. Tapping with a coach can help you get past your subconscious blocks and help you achieve even greater progress and success, if you find you are not getting where you want to be on your own. Even we professional coaches seek out other coaches for the tough and or persistently stuck stuff!

I provide Emotional Freedom Technique sessions for individuals; and can also do group sessions if asked--these work a little differently and I am happy to discuss with you if interested. During a group session we pick a topic (or 2 or three if time allows) from the groups individual concern pool and tap on this together, allowing the participants to "borrow benefits" from each other as we tap along together. Sometimes a group comes with a general theme they all want to work on and we get certain "aspects" of that theme for those interested to incorporate into our tapping. These sessions can be amazingly effective and allow me a way to help you maximize your personal care dollars as multiple people are pooling funds to cover a single cost--though group rates are a little higher than individual rates I am delighted to assist you, regardless of how you may choose to identify with regard to pronoun and orientation, please just let me know. EFT by its very nature offers a personalized focus, unique to each individual, though also confers benefits to others who "tap along".

Emotional Freedom Technique can help you attain the personal growth and healing you have been seeking. EFT can be self applied, therefore giving you the ability to best care for yourself as needed and when desired.

If you still have questions or wonder it this technique can be applied to your particular concern, please contact me for a free phone consult to discuss if EFT might be a good fit for you. 

If you wish to schedule an appointment, call and leave a message or send a note through the link below. I will get back to you within 48 hours, sooner if at all possible.

Do you take insurance for EFT sessions?

Unfortunately, insurance carriers currently do not cover these services.

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Please note: I am not a certified counselor or psychotherapist am not diagnosing depression and anxiety in this role. I do not work with severe mental health, addiction or eating disorders unless you have been evaluated by and are also currently seeing a licensed health professional for this condition. If you are having severe symptoms and feel you may need medication or be at risk of harming self or others, please seek professional medical care or counseling/therapy immediately. Please call a crisis line or go to the nearest Emergency Room or Crisis Center if you are of immediate danger to yourself or others