Nutrition and health


This topic is one of my deep passions and I continue to both research and practice nutritional healing, both personally and professionally with my patients. There is so much we are still just beginning to understand and the information continues to flood in--it is such an exciting time to practicing in this field! I love sharing my findings with my clinic patients and helping others navigate the new awareness and understandings we are developing--one of which is that we are all unique. While many many things are essentially true for most all people, there is great variation among individuals as well. Finding what any one individual thrives best on is sometimes a complex journey of its own. I love to take the presumed knowns and explore the personal nuances and alterations needed to help a given individual thrive nutritionally. My Western medicine training and experience, as well as my personal and family nutritional health journey, has equipped me with tools and understanding to assist people on their journey down this path.  I am currently finishing a certification course in Functional nutrition as well as studying functional nutrition, lifestyle and medicine approaches to the management of osteoporosis and am excited to be able to continue to expand my knowledge and ability to help those around me continue to improve their health and well being through these methods.

If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your personal concerns and needs, please contact me to discuss further. I am happy to schedule nutritional and or lifestyle consultation sessions with you if you feel you would benefit from additional knowledge, support, guided exploration by a provider that can offer a different perspective and understanding and is willing to investigate to find answers and methods that work for you, with you. This exploration can and sometimes should include lab testing and specialized evaluations as indicated and potentially beneficial, and if desired by you. Nutritional consultation services are at this time $65.00 per 50 minute appointment. If you are unable to afford that, yet are are genuinely committed to improving your health through nutrition and lifestyle, and feel my services may be helpful, please reach out to me and let's discuss options. Sessions are ideally one hour long, though I can make them shorter to accommodate financial needs.

If you have any specific questions or needs pertaining to food sensitivities, osteoporosis, PCOS or endometriosis, moods disorders, or auto-immune disease management through nutrition and lifestyle, or would like a more "natural" way to address prediabetes or elevated cholesterol, please contact me and let's have a discussion about what I can provide you and whether or not we are a good fit for what you are seeking. As always, either phone or email is fine. Texting for initial contact arrangement is also welcome.

Mori Montagne, BSN, MN, CNM, NP                                                                                                                                      Certified Energy Psychology practitioner, EFT-ADV                                                                                                                                          

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