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I am Mori Montagne, an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner and coach, tapping with people to help them in various ways since 2002. I am passionate about health, wellness, and helping others find their own personal path into their greatest possible place of wellbeing and joy. I have a Master's in Nursing and have practiced as a certified nurse midwife and women's health nurse practitioner for 25 years. I continue to practice traditional Western medicine in the women's health care clinical setting; however I feel, progressively each year, that healthcare these days is lacking in the ability to provide people with the tools to help them navigate our increasingly complex world both emotionally and physically, or give them the tools to be truly and sustainably "well". Emotional Freedom Technique (one of the many "Energy Psychology Techniques")  is one of the many tools that can help fill this gap. It is simple, accessible and able to be used successfully by you on your. It has also been extensively researched and has multiple published articles demonstrating it effectiveness...which appeals to the scientist side of me.

What is my specialty? As someone once said to me, my niche is working with people who want to work with me! Honoring your you and your current experience, our healing space, and helping your find your unique path through your unique "woods" are some of the ways I do this. Helping people to heal and be their own personal best as a whole being in the way that feels best to them is my passion. I sincerely hope to hear from you so that I can introduce you to this amazing tool for self help and healing. I offer a free 30 minute introductory session to all who are new to EFT, or simply to me if that is important to you. At the very least it may give you a helpful tool for stressful moments. You can download an EFT guide many places on the internet, or experience in person with me for no cost in our introductory session. From there, if you feel it may  be of benefit to you, I would be delighted to help you navigate your inner-scapes to achieve healing, comfort, balance and growth. There is no obligation incurred by accepting the free consultation experience. All EFT coaching sessions are conducted professionally and with complete confidentiality, in compliance with standards of professional (and personal) ethics and HIPPA regulations. 

If you are interested, on an more personal level, I am part of delightfully colorful and loving family. My parents are both still alive, and I have a brother, 3 daughters and a son, as well as 6 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. We all remain very connected and interactive and they fill much of my personal time with endless joy and activity...as well as occasions to tap for myself from time to time, as all families and relationships do! I share my home with a couple of feline companions, and recently lost my longtime canine companion, who passed away at 17 years of age. I find my Zen spaces in my garden and kitchen at home; have a passion for research and writing. I am also deeply interested in sustainable and green living and try to do my part and continue to improve that part as I go. I love to be next to nature, in the "wilds" and seldom touched spaces when ever I can and these places are where I go to heal myself, when I am not tapping, or when I wish to accelerate the tapping for that matter being surround and grounded by nature allows me personally to go deeper and more effectively into that space for myself. Both the mountains and the sea have particular draw for me, though it is the deep forest spaces, as undisturbed as possible, that are where I go to find and heal my soul when it needs that...hence my practice name.

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