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Hello, my name is Mori Montagne.  I am an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner and coach, tapping with people to help them in various ways since 2002. I am passionate about health, wellness, and helping others find their own personal path into their greatest possible place of wellbeing and joy. EFT can help you heal beyond your current state and into your greatest potential, almost always beyond your current believed limits. I have used it help people resolve limitations and dis-ease stemming from stress, anxiety, phobias, chronic pain, migraines, self doubt and limiting beliefs. I have witnessed Emotional Freedom technique (also know as "tapping") release people into greater states of wellness than they often thought were possible--allowing them to achieve a place of peace, clarity, balance and wellness they sometimes did not think they could find. From this place of inner wellness, you are more free to move forward into your life goals and purpose with more energy, joy and clarity. Interestingly, even if addressing only your psychological and emotional blocks and patterns with Emotional Freedom Technique, your sense and state of physical health often will improve as well. 

I have a Master's in Nursing and have practiced as a certified nurse midwife and women's health nurse practitioner for 25 years. I still practice in the women's health care clinical setting, though after years in this setting, I feel progressively each year that healthcare these days is lacking in the ability to provide people with the tools to help them navigate our increasingly complex world or give them the tools to be truly and sustainably "well". Emotional Freedom Technique (one of the many "Energy Psychology Techniques")  is one of the many tools that can help fill this gap. It is simple, accessible and able to be used successfully by you on your.

Helping others to heal and be their own personal best is my passion. I sincerely hope to hear from you so that I can introduce you to this amazing tool for self help and healing. The first session is free, you can use it on your own from there; or if you would like the added benefit of a coach to help you navigate your innerscapes and healing/growth, I would be delighted to continue our work together. No obligation, ever beyond our immediate session, and all sessions are professional and confidential in compliance with standards of professional (and personal) ethics and HIPPA. 

What can you do for me with EFT?  I work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues as well as physical symptoms and concerns. I provide EFT coaching for depression, grief, PTSD, anxiety and phobias to interpersonal relationship difficulties, addictive behaviors, and personal or professional growth blocks; as well as helping people address chronic pain for conditions such as headaches, fibromyalgia, past injuries, etc.. 

How do you provide coaching for EFT? Sessions are available through live on-line video call, or simply by phone so your location is not important. We can arrange to have in person sessions for those in the greater Salem and Dallas, Oregon areas. I provide Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, "tapping") sessions for individuals and groups to adults, and for children (with parental consent or who are of age to consent for themselves based on State Laws--both mine and theirs). I am delighted to assist you, regardless of how you may choose to identify with regard to pronoun and orientation, please just let me know. Group sessions are offered by special arrangement and can offer a very low cost way for you and a group of associates or friends to address a more general topic or concern, allowing the participants to "borrow benefits" from each other as we tap along together. Simply by the nature of the technique, EFT offers a personalized focus, unique to each individual, though allowing others who "tap along" with us to gain benefit as well. Emotional Freedom Technique can help you attain the personal growth and healing you have been seeking.

On an more personal level, I am part of delightfully colorful and loving family. My parents are both still alive and I have a brother, 3 daughters and a son, as well as 6 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. We all remain very connected and interactive and they fill much of my personal time, joy and activity. I share my home with a couple of feline companions, and an aging longtime canine companion. I find my Zen spaces in my garden and kitchen at home; and next to nature in the "wilds" otherwise. Both the mountains and the sea have particular draw for me, though it is the deep forest spaces, as undisturbed as possible, that are where I go to find and heal my soul when it needs that...hence my practice name.

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